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ZincBinder is a software tool for the prediction of the zinc-binding state of amino-acids from sequence information only, using predictors based on support vector machines. Our model predicts zinc metal binding sites using PSSM module with 86.2% accuracy. The method is trained and tested on the dataset of 738 proteins and evaluated using five fold cross validation technique. We have developed a user friendly webserver where user can submit there sequence (directly paste sequence in box or upload sequence file) and select the option for svm threshold.
How can I use ZincBinder Server???
We also provide suplementary dataset and standalone version of ZincBinder software without any charge. User can download this standalone software and our dataset on local system.
Availability and Requirement for standalone
Operating system(s) : Linux
Programming language : perl
Other requirements : gcc++ compiler
Any restrictions to use by non-academics : none

ZincBinder is maintained by Dr. Manish Kumar's Lab at Department of Biophysics, University of Delhi South Campus. We acknowledge your comments or contribution to this resource. Please send your sugestions to Email: manish at south dot du dot ac dot in